Who we are             

Comunita Cenacolo is an organisation which helps people suffering from addiction to change their lives.

The Community was founded by an Italian nun, Mother Elvira Petrozzi, in 1983. For many years she had been concerned by the destruction she had seen among people of all ages through drug abuse and she longed to help them. Mother Elvira, together with two companions, Sr. Aurelia and a teacher, Nives Grato, were given an abandoned old house in Saluzzo in Italy and so Community Cenacolo was born.

Today there are houses worldwide with over 2,000 men and women in the programme. The house for men in Ireland was opened in Knock, Co. Mayo in 1999. As yet, there is not a house for women in Ireland but women who wish to enter the Community are accepted in Cenacolo houses in Europe having attended the Meetings in Dublin. While secular programmes will use methadone and other drug substitutes to wean people off drug, Mother Elvira has a completely different approach. She believes in showing addicts a better life. She encourages them to find out who they are and to face up to their difficulties. They discover a God who loves them. They learn to accept a simple lifestyle and rediscover the gifts of work, friendship and of faith in the Word of God instead of relying on the crutch of drugs to escape from everything that is too painful to deal with. The Cenacolo Community relies totally on voluntary contributions as we do not receive any Government grants.

  Meetings are held every Wednesday evening at 7.30 pm   at St. Peter's Parish Centre, St. Peter's Church,   Phibsboro, Dublin 7. People wishing to enter the   Community must attend these Meetings for a number of   weeks before a place in the Community is offered to   them. St. Peter's Church is situated at the point where   the North Circular Road and Cabra Road converge. The entrance to the Parish Centre, which is in the grounds of St. Peter's Church is on the Cabra Road side of the Church. Walk past the Church keeping the Church on your left and you will come to big black gates which will be closed. There will be a notice outside these gates advertising the meeting. On the left of these gates is a smaller entrance gate. Follow the path and you will see the entrance door of the Parish Centre. There will be people there to welcome you. There are separate rooms for the men, women, families and for the prayer group.

All men and women who wish to find out more about entering Community Cenacolo will be seen by people that have already been through the programme. They are now living their lives free from addiction and are giving up their time to help others achieve the same goal.