Daily Life

From 8 am we all take on our individual responsibilities, which is our work for that day. Some will be in the vegetable garden and green houses, some look after the animals including milking the cows and collecting the eggs from the hens. Others will do the domestic cleaning and maintenance within the house.

We all meet at 10am for a break with something light to eat and drink. We continue our responsibilities until midday when we have lunch together, followed by free time up to 1.30pm.

During our work in the afternoon we pray the Rosary while we work. We again meet together for an afternoon tea break at 4 pm and continue working until 5.30 pm.

We have showers and meet in the Chapel for evening prayer followed by dinner at 7 pm. We have more free time where we play football, table tennis or snooker. After a busy day we are looking forward to our beds at 9.30 pm!