Boy's Testimony

Hi, I’m from Dublin. I was raised in a good family and had everything I wanted growing up but when I was young I was attracted to a lot of trouble. I remember in school I always made it as hard as I could for the teachers to do their job, I didn’t want to listen and was very disruptive. Then when I was fourteen years old, I got thrown out of school and when that happened, I went completely out of control.

I began hanging around with other lads who weren’t in school either and started to smoke hash, drink a lot and steal cars. I was getting in trouble with the police a bit and when I was seventeen I got the opportunity to go and work in Ibiza. I jumped at the chance to go and when I got there, I realised very quickly that drugs were like a way of life there. I was there for two seasons and in that time I thought I was having the time of my life but couldn’t see the bigger picture.

I started to take ecstasy and cocaine for a little while then I got involved with a gang of lads and started to sell a lot of ecstasy. I was making a lot of money and thought I was lucky but in the end I started to do crack cocaine and like this all the money I was making seemed to evaporate and I got into debt. In the end I left the island in a hurry because the fear I had of these lads was too big.

When I got back to Dublin, I felt in pieces and had not wanted to do anything. I started to hang around with heroin addicts and through my own choice started to take heroin. What followed was six years of hell. I started to rob to get money and my family suffered a lot. I didn’t have normal thoughts, the only thing I thought about was where to get the money and heroin.

Then my Mam found out about Cenacolo and at this stage I was in pieces and thought I was too weak to enter somewhere like Cenacolo but in the time I was going to the meetings, I had a couple of friends who died of drug related deaths and knew I was heading that way myself so I entered into the house in Knock when I was twenty-five and it wasn’t easy because I started to face my fears and difficulties without drugs or alcohol and that was something I hadn’t done in my life but I saw with time that I was getting stronger and started to see the person that drugs made me and the person I was becoming. From Knock I was transferred to a house in the UK and having spent some time there, I was transferred to Italy.

I’ve learnt so much in Community. I’ve learnt to work, speak Italian, play the guitar and more importantly how to live without drugs. Now because of Community I have choices again and can see a future for the first time in my life.